14 June, 2012

Where Have I Been?

My goodness!  It's been nearly 1-1/2 months since my last post.  I suppose you could say we've been busy, but shame on me for disappearing like that.  So where have I been?  Let me tell you...

After a year of eager anticipation and excitement, on May 4th, Mike and I boarded an airplane and headed to Hawaii!  We went with his parents, sister & brother-in-law on a Hawaiian Islands cruise.  It was absolutely amazing!  I'll be sharing more pictures when I have time, I'd like to post a day-by-day of what we did.

We've been super busy ever since we got back.  We had a wedding the first Saturday that we were back home.  The next weekend we had a little bit of time to spend working around our house and getting it looking semi-decent.  The next weekend we had a graduation open house to attend.  Then last weekend we helped Mike's parents move into a condo.  Whew...I'm exhausted just looking at that list.  I can't believe how busy we have been, it feels like since we've been home we've been running non-stop.  We have another busy weekend this weekend, but then we slow down a bit.  We have 2 camping weekends coming up so we're looking forward to that.  I'll try to post more regularly...I hope you're having a great summer!
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