27 November, 2007

A good teacher story...

Yesterday you had to hear me rant about a bad you get to hear about a really good teacher. My professor for Hospitality Management is one of the greatest teachers ever. He's very success-orientated. He really wants us to do well. He goes over all the tests the day before we take them, to give us a more specific idea on what to study! He's also the general manager at a nearby Applebee's, so he has lots of on-the-job stories and experience which is really good.
Today he told us about 2 extra credit assignments we can do...I think they'll be really cool. The first one...go to dinner at a restaurant. Then all we have to do is write a review on the restaurant: food quality, service, cleanliness, etc. So I get to go out to dinner with a friend (hmmm...who to ask?) and get extra credit for eating that's my kind of assignment!
The other the movie "Remember the Titans" (one of my favorite movies) and write a paper describing the things we've discussed in class: teamwork, discipline, integrity, etc. Again, I love this movie, so it will be a fun assignment. Plus, we get extra points for doing this, which is always a nice bonus! I guess with this teacher and my really cool spanish professor, they make up for my crazy power hungry government prof!!!


  1. Sounds like a great teacher - and you get to do stuff that not only helps you learn, but you can use in your life!

  2. I love, love, love Remember the Titans too! What a great movie.
    Have fun at your assignment!

  3. Sounds like homework Zack could handle, hmmm I wonder if his high school teachers would ever assign something like that. LOL!

  4. At least there is a good balance of nice teachers and crazy teachers! And if they decide to give you extra credit for bringing any of your delicious baking to any of your friends.... just let us know and we would love to "help" you earn that extra credit! :)

  5. That's great that you have "good" teachers in the mix too. I try to tell the kids that they will have good and bad all through their lives - teachers, bosses, co-workers, friends, etc.

    What a great way to get extra credit!


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