28 May, 2010

One year

Today marks one year since Heather and I were in our car accident. It doesn't really seem like a day one would want to look back upon and remember, but I remember it with gratitude. When we saw the car, and especially when others saw the pictures, we were reminded again and again how lucky we were to have survived as uninjured as we were. God was truly watching over us that day. I am thankful that he blessed us with life and for all the things that have happened in the past year!

19 May, 2010

New Job

I started a new part-time job today. I am working as a receptionist at a photography studio, Marc Photography. For right now I am only working 1 afternoon a week with the hopes of getting more hours at some point. We'll have to see what happens. But for now, it's a step towards another job I enjoy!!!

17 May, 2010


As of today, we have had our house for exactly 1 week. There is no longer any carpet in our house!!! That was our first project as it stunk so badly. Mike and his Dad pulled most of it out by time I got there Wednesday and then I helped in 1 room. The office actually had the original carpet--blue shag! The worst room so far is the dining room. There was a layer of laminate under the carpet and that is proving to be a p-a-i-n in the you-know-what to remove! The next step is to pull out the laminate in the kitchen.

I picked out the paint colors on Saturday. Mike liked what I chose, so now I am looking for paint sales :) Now we plan to spend Saturday cleaning and then the fun (painting) will start. It's fun to see the progress already!!!

11 May, 2010

More of our house

Here are the movies I mentioned of our house!

This is the front of our house

This is our strange deck with a deck over the pool

And, this is inside our house!!!

House Pictures

We got the keys to our house yesterday!!! Today I went there to take some "before" pictures. I will try to put up a movie later, but for now it was faster to upload pictures! In no particular order...Mike, removing the realtor's sign from our yard!!!

Our office

"His" and "Hers" closets in our master bedroom

Our master bedroom

The guest room (can't you tell that it is our favorite room?)

The main bathroom (the tub is to the left)

The pantry and hallway heading to the bedrooms (picture taken from the dining room)

Our dining room with a lovely bay window

The view from our living room looking toward the dining room

Our living room

The half-bath and laundry room

Our kitchen

The unfinished half of the basement, notice the shower on the right side!

The right side of the basement, this eventually will be our workout room

The left side of the basement, this will eventually be our hangout room

09 May, 2010


I am marrying my best friend 5 months from today :)

And...tomorrow, Mike and I will get the keys to our house!!!

06 May, 2010

Wedding Songs

I am having so much fun planning our wedding! Seriously! There is so much to do, but it is coming along so well and it's fun fun fun! I have done so much of the big stuff, now I'm working on the little things. My project right now is picking out music to be played during the ceremony and reception. I think the reception is pretty well set, we just have to set a few songs. But the ceremony is harder, because I want most of the music to be instrumental. There are so many types of songs; preludes, the processional, the Bride's song, the Unity candle song, the recessional... I found this awesome site that has been super helpful! There are some absolutely beautiful songs on this site, and now I'm having a hard time deciding.

What songs did you play at your wedding? If you're not married, what songs do you want played at your wedding? Are there any "must-haves"?

04 May, 2010


Chivalry is not dead...I have proof!

On Sunday, Mike and I went downtown for Tulip Time. (Being as smart as I am, I wore plastic flip flops for the first time this spring.) We drove down Tulip Lane (no pictures, silly me!) and then parked so we could walk down 8th Street. We walked all the way down to where the carnival was set up. We wanted to walk around the carnival, but you had to pay just to get in...not gonna happen! Then we walked all the way back up the street. All this walking did my feet in. About halfway back to the car, I had rubbed 3 blisters on my feet, and my flip flops were working on numbers 4 and 5. My sweet man noticed how much pain I was in, and how funny I was walking. I was trying to walk without letting my flip flops rub against my feet (a pretty impossible task). So, Mike insisted that I get on his back, and he carried me, piggy-back, to where the car was.

Yep, that's my man! :)

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