06 December, 2007

Sinterklaas Dag

Today is Sinterklaas Dag. Some of you dutch people might know what that it. My mom is 100% Dutch, so this is a tradition around our house, we do it in place of stockings. The story goes that in Holland (similar story in other countries) Sinterklaas (Santa Clause) and his helper Zwarte Piet (Black Peter) come around and give gifts to kids that have been good. The kids leave their wooden shoes out, and Sinterklaas fills them with goodies. So today, I went downstairs and found my wooden shoe! It had M&Ms, Pepernoten (or Kruidnoten), Taai-taai, and some fruit snacks in it.

My brother's, dad's and my wooden shoes.

My wooden shoe. The taai-taai is the bigger cookies.

When I got home from my babysitting job tonight, my mom and I decided to finally set up our tree. This is how far we got before we ran out of lights that work. Then my dad came home and told us he'd bought 600 lights, and put them in his closet!!!


  1. What a neat tradition. It's fun to have things like this that relate to our heritage. Good luck with the tree!

  2. I remember from my elementary school years of studying about the holidays in Holland. I loved the thing about the wooden shoes. For some reason I thought that the Dutch put hay in the shoes to feed the camels or was it reindeer? Maybe I have several traditions mixed up. It has been too long ago. However, I would have loved this tradition when I was a child because I absolutely LOVED candy!

    I am glad that you found more lights for your tree. Have fun!

  3. That is really cool that your family keeps the Dutch traditions alive.

    And I'm sure the tree looks beautiful now with all the lights on! :)

  4. I love that tradition- how fun.
    Good thing you found more lights- it'll look great when it's done!

  5. I remember those Dutch traditions but not from practicing them in our house growing up - I used to be in the Dutch Heritage Show during Tulip Time and it was explained as part of the show. That's cool that you still practice it!

  6. -Figure this out:

    Eres muy comica. Me gusta mucho churros. Yo creo que la fiesta fue muy divertida! Lo siento que tu profesora necesita salir :( Hasta luego!

    Me comprendes? :)
    That is very funny. I like churros a lot. I ___ ___ the party ___ very ___! I'm sorry your professor needs ___ :( See you later!

    You understand? :)

    -That is how much I understood of what you commented me and it took a lot of thinking! Owie... my brain hurts. I think those words mean what I translated them too, but I'm not sure all the way. Lol.

  7. That looks like such a neat tradition!

  8. Great tradition. Katelyn learned about Sinterklaas when she was in 1st grade. Now I'll have to find a Chinese Christmas tradition for Shaelyn's heritage!


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