26 June, 2013

Baby K's Nursery

This past weekend, Mike and I put the finishing touches on the nursery!  It is now ready and we just need the baby! ;) 
Walking into the nursery from the hallway.

The crib and glider.  Not pictured is the side table I just purchased.  It will go beside the glider and has drawers for bibs and blankets, as well as a place for me to stash a few snacks and a water bottle!

I love the window valance!  I also made a couple word art pictures that I framed and hung up.  The stroller will eventually  be kept in the garage, but for now it's safe in the nursery.

Baby girl's closet is starting to fill up!  I have most of her clothes still on the hangers, but a few might be transferred to her dresser.  We also have the pack and play as well as a box of miscellaneous toys/stuff in the closet for now.

I love this area of the room because I feel like it's where I've spent the most time making things for her.  I painted the lamp pink and we are using a shelf from Mike's old bedroom to display some books.  We have a bunch of cloth diapers on the changing table shelves for when she's big enough to wear those!

The view from by the window.  Champ is quite excited to be a big brother--though he doesn't quite understand why we won't let him in the room!


  1. it looks so nice - you did a great job. now we just wait for the most important finishing touch - baby girl!

  2. It's so cute- you did a great job. Can't wait to see the best part though in a few weeks :)


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