28 March, 2010

Lots to do!!!

We are getting married in 195 days! So I only have 194 days to get everything done! Wow there's a lot to do!

So far I have:
Booked the church
Booked the reception hall
Booked the caterer
Booked the cake decorator
Bought my dress!!!!!
Picked a color theme
Put together the guest list
Designed my invitations (though I haven't seen a sample yet)
Bought our Unity Candle

Still to do:
Send save the date cards
Choose bridesmaid dresses
Pick reception music
Make bouquets
Choose a cake design
Choose flower arrangements
Choose wedding music
Decide on decorations
Write our vows
Buy a house

Oh, I know I am forgetting so many many things, but this is just so much fun!!!

16 March, 2010

My Man

Mike and I celebrated our 2 year dating anniversary on March 12. We both had the day off work so we took advantage of that by checking out a reception hall and some houses. We spent the afternoon relaxing and at night he took me out to Logan's for dinner. We celebrated by actually ordering desert!!!

Saturday I arranged to take Mike shooting with some good friends. We really enjoy the tv show NCIS and Mike has recently been making comments about wishing he knew how to handle guns. I have some great friends who are quite the gun experts. I asked Mike if he could pick me up on his way to my house Saturday but when he got there I led him to the back field where Mark was waiting with a grand selection of guns! We had a blast (thanks to our great teachers!) and now Mike is wanting to buy a handgun for protection and a gun for shooting clay pigeons.

04 March, 2010

Big news!!!

Mike took me ice-skating yesterday. For a few weeks now he's been talking about going ice-skating and we were both free yesterday afternoon so off we went. We decided to go downtown to Rosa Parks Circle. It was only Mike's second time skating and it has been a while since I have ice-skated. It took us a few rounds to get used to it and before we knew it we were skating like pros! (Yeah right...but we can dream!) It was the absolute perfect day for skating, 40 degrees, blue skies and sunny. Our ankles were getting sore so we decided to take a break.

One neat thing about Rosa Parks Circle is that they have an outdoor sound system so there is music going that we can skate to. As we are taking our rest, our song came on the radio! I looked at Mike and we were like, it's our song!!! So of course we had to skate to it.

So off we went...some of the ice was melting a bit so we avoided those areas around the edges. Mike steered me closer and closer to the center ice, I finally asked why we in the center because we were skating in a line instead of a circle. He said, I'm ready for another break, let's stop here a minute. Okay, so we stopped. Look over there, there's snowflakes in the window! Mike pointed to a building behind me. I turned back to him and he said, I think God's trying to tell me something, and proceeded to get down on one knee! Melissa, will you marry me? YES!

A lady there was nice enough to take our picture. We decided to stop skating and walk around downtown so we could start making plans. We are very excited to start planning the wedding and can't wait to get married!!!

Right after he popped the question!

On our walk downtown

My beautiful perfect engagement ring!!!

01 March, 2010


I won tickets from a local radio station to see the band Bluetree in concert. Mike and I thought it sounded like a good concert so we decided to go. We only knew one of their songs, but thought that they were really good and had a great stage presence. Brenda, this video is for you :)

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