26 November, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy birthday to my husband! I'm so blessed to have you in my life! This past year has been a whirlwind, but I wouldn't change a single moment of it! We've experienced many changes, most notibly you going from my boyfriend, to fiance, to husband!
We've completely remodeled a house and made it our own.
We've been busy and every moment of it has made me fall more in love with you and realize how blessed I am!

I love your serious side!

I love your romantic side!

I love your goofy side!

And I love the "deal-with-it-when-my-wife-takes-pictures-of-our-feet" side!


24 November, 2010

Easy Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for some easy Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers? Do you want to avoid the long lines, busy stores, and understocked shelves? Let me help you! I have an overabundance of Avon products in stock right now and they are available for you when you need them! Let me know if there is anything on this list that you are interested in!

Grey Memory Foam Slippers, Size XL (Unisex)- $10
Pumpkin Spice Bubble Bath, 24 ounce- $6
Fresh Peach Bubble Bath, 24 ounce- $6
Winter Rose Bubble Bath, 24 ounce- $6
Silver Sparkle Bubble Bath, 8 ounce- $3
Raspberry Holiday Shower Gel, 5 ounce- $3
Black Cherry and Nutmeg Holiday Shower Gel, 5 ounce- $3 (2 available)
Sugar Walnut Holiday Shower Gel, 5 ounce- $3
Peppermint and Vanilla Holiday Shower Gel, 5 ounce- $3
Vanilla Shower Gel (Candy Cane Shaped), 3.4 ounce- $3
Black Cherry and Nutmeg Shower Gel (Candy Cane Shaped), 3.4 ounce- $3
Coconut and Lemongrass Shower Gel, 5 ounce- $3
Vanilla Shower Gel, 5 ounce- $3
Almond and Milk Body Spray, 8.4 ounce- $5
Almond and Milk Hand and Body Lotion, 8.4 ounce- $4
Vanilla Body Spray, 8.4 ounce- $5
Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion, 8.4 ounce- $4
Naturals Cucumber Melon Body Spray, 2 ounce- $2
Cucumber Melon Gift Set (Lotion, Body Spray, Shower Gel, Loofah, Gift Bag)- $10
Strawberry and Guava Gift Set (Lotion, Body Spray, Shower Gel, Loofah, Gift Bag)- $10
Bubble Bath Minis (assorted scents)- $1
Lotion Minis (assorted)- $1
Lip Balms (assorted)- $1
Skin So Soft Satin Glow Firming Body Moisturizer- $5
Always Eau De Parfum Spray- $15
Sweet Honesty Spray- $8
Clearskin Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub- $4
Anew Alternative Intensive Eye Cream- $12
Anew Line Filling Lip Liner Natural Spice- $4
Magix Face Perfector- $6
Black Spectra Lash Mascara- $4 (2 available)
Dark Brown Brow Definer- $3
8-in-1 Eye Pallet Water Colors- $8
Lotus Shield Frizz Control- $7 (5 available)
Bright Chandelier Hoop Earrings (Yellow)- $7
Beautiful Barcelona Earrings- $8
Beautiful Barcelona Necklace- $12
Pearlesque Drop Earrings- $6
Mark Cosmetic Bag (Pink and Black Zebra Print)- $5

19 November, 2010

Gourmet Food

Nothing beats starting and ending your day with delicious gourmet food that you didn't have to cook or clean up after! We had some of the most incredible food at our resort. Each morning, we had a breakfast buffet at the biggest restaurant. For lunch, we could choose from an Italian restaurant (Guiseppe's), Caribbean restaurant (Bluefield's), or International (Bayside) (all types of food since it was a buffet) restaurant. For dinner there were many choices as well, Italian (Guiseppe's) , International (formal (Eleanor's) or casual (Bayside)), Asian (Jasmine's), Mediterranean (Neptune's)...let's just say we never went hungry! There was also a cafe (Cafe de Paris) that offered all kinds of baked delicacies all day long. And plenty of bars ;) **Disclaimer: If you are hungry, you might want to eat before looking at this post :)

My handsome husband and me at Guiseppe's.

Creme brule at Eleanor's

Dessert for 3 at Eleanor's

Bleu Cheese Steak at Eleanor's

Coconut Rice Stuffed Chicken at Eleanor's

Salad and Bruschetta at Eleanor's

Apple Crisp Ala Mode at Bayside

Chocolate Mound at Bayside

4 Meat Platter (Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Lamb) at Bayside

Peppered Shrimp at Bayside

Caesar Salad at Bayside

Chicken at Neptune's

Steak at Neptune's
Cucumber and Tomato (but mostly pepper) Salad at Neptune's

Sampler Platter at Bayside

Beef and Broccoli at Jasmine's
Sweet and Sour Chicken at Jasmine's

Hawaiian Pizza at Guiseppe's

Truffles, Chocolate Covered Fruits, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Covered Marzipan, and various other chocolate desserts at the Chocolate Buffet

Bacon Alfredo at Guiseppe's

Chicken with Tomato Gnocchi at Guiseppe's

Antipasta Bar at Guiseppe's (Yes, that is a mussel, and yes, I did eat it!)

Cookies and a scone from Cafe de Paris

Breakfast buffet at Bayside

16 November, 2010


I thought I would share some of our favorite pictures from our honeymoon! (In no particular order...) There were 2 peacocks that roamed the resort! This one was right in front of the gift shop one day. We never got it to open it's feathers, but it sure was pretty!
This is a view of the resort from the Caribbean Sea. The building we stayed in was the blue one on the far left. The resturants are the buildings on the far right, so we had a bit of a walk to get to the food! Speaking of was incredible! I'll have to do a post just on the foods :)

There were 2 chess sets on the resort...we never played (neither of us know how to), but they sure looked neat!

Our bedroom :)

We saw this crab on the sidewalk on the way back to our room one night.

We got to go snorkeling! We saw some colorful fish, sea urchins, and a ton of coral!

One excursion we went on was to Appleton Rum Estate. It was really neat to see how rum is made! Mike got to use a machine to get sugar cane juice from the cane.

We took a private taxi to Negril one day to go shopping. Our driver bought us jelly coconuts. We first drank the milk, it was an interesting taste, and then they cut off the top and we could scrape the "jelly" out to eat it. Neither of us cared for that part, but it was a neat experience!

It rains almost every day, only for about 25 minutes, but it just pours buckets. I took this picture as the rain was heading our way!

14 November, 2010

Post 400

So this is my 400th post. I told Mike today that I need to do better at posting more often. It's been like 20-some days since I last posted!

We're well on our way to getting settled in our house! Our office still has a few things that need unpacked, and our guest room has become a "catch-all" for the time being. If only I had 1 extra day each week to get stuff done!!!

Life has been crazy since the wedding (and we actually thought it would slow down--silly us!) I got back from the honeymoon to find out that the office I work at had about 1 month to find a new building, move, and get back up and running. Turns out our main water supply was getting shut off, leaving us with no water, and of course you can't run a business without flushing toilets! So that has been crazy! We just found out that we got a building we bid on. It needs a bit of work, but we're hoping to move in the week of Thanksgiving! So that has added quite a bit of stress!

Yesterday, my best friend got married! You might remember a few posts ago I told the story of Alecia and Ovi...well, yesterday their dreams came true! The wedding was gorgeous, and I am so happy for them! Here is a picture of the bride and myself!

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