15 August, 2012

Making Improvements

When we bought our house, we had an enormous deck that covered the majority of our back yard.  The raised part of the deck was actually built over an above-ground pool.  Kind of ridiculous, right?  The plywood you see is a covering a big hole in the deck--our realtor had to cover it so our house would pass inspection.   

This is what Mike and I have seen every day in our backyard since buying our house in 2010.  Really pretty, huh?

This spring we decide that enough was enough and the pool and deck were coming down!  I don't know where my pool demolition pictures are, but here you can see that the pool is gone.

Champ wishes he could go out and play on the deck, but I was too afraid he would fall/jump off!

One of Mike's former co-workers  has started a handyman business, so we hired him to finish our deck for us.

In progress...

The finished product!!!!  Champ loves being able to play outside!

Our next project is to get the big sandbox filled in, we're hoping to have that done this fall.

Our other backyard addition is our new firepit.  I built it on Memorial Day and we've enjoyed a few bonfires with our friends!

We are loving having a great deck and firepit for entertaining!!!


  1. I love it! I can see that you'll really get lots of enjoyment out of your new backyard.

  2. love the new deck!! Looks AWESOME!!!

  3. ohmygoodness that deck is ginormous! Love the improvements! My fave is the firepit! Love campfires!


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