07 February, 2016

39 Weeks

How far along: 39 weeks (2/7/16)
Baby size: Head to heel, about 20 inches.  And about 7 pounds. 
Total weight gain: 35 pounds.
Maternity clothes: I'm wearing all maternity clothes or yoga pants.  Most of my clothes are getting too small :(
Stretch marks: There are a couple new ones that just popped up on my belly.  
Sleep: I feel like I've been doing pretty good with sleep this week.  I even got a few naps in!
Best moment this week: Nothing specific, but really trying to savor and remember each of these kicks, punches, and hiccups. 
Miss anything? Being able to move like normal (without pain)!  
Movement: Yes!  He moves a lot now!  He's running out of room, so I'm constantly getting knees, feet, and his butt up in my ribs.  
Food cravings: Carbs--specifically blueberry muffins!
Have you started to show yet? Yes! 
Gender: It's a boy!
Labor signs: No real signs yet.  I've had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing painful or real labor yet.  At my appointment on Monday (2/1/16), I was 3cm and 50% effaced, and the doctor did a membrane sweep.  She said it would work within 24 hours if it was going to, and that my cervix was favorable.  Unfortunately, it didn't work, and Baby K2 is still in me. I also ate an entire pineapple on Friday, have been bouncing on my ball, walking, and trying some accupressure.  My contractions have picked up and there were quite a few today, but still nothing real.  
Belly button in or out? Flat, but starting to stick out on the top.
Wedding rings on or off? On--permanently 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy the majority of the time, but I'm definitely more moody and my patience is minimal these days.
Looking forward to: Going into labor and meeting our son!

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