26 September, 2007

See You At The Pole

So I get up at 5:40 in the morning, get ready, drive to Family Fare, meet Brandon, buy donuts and orange juice, drive to the high school, meet Zack, get a table, go outside, and wait....why? This morning was See You at the Pole, a national day of students gathering around the flagpole at their schools and praying. Praying for their nation, state, town, school, friends, and each other. Amazing!!!! And it was. The morning started out slow, we didn't get started until about 7:10, because there were only about 4 people there! First we went into a large group (about 25 kids total), gathering around the flag, and prayed. I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am, at the intensity of people's prayers. I love listening to people pray. We broke into small groups so we could pray for eachother. This was a neat experience for me, because this time I was there as the leader instead of a student (as I was the past 4 years). I was lucky enough to get into a group with some of my closest friends, Zack, Kevin, Jake, and Nathan. Listening to these guys praying and being able to pray with them was such a blessing. After everyone had finished praying, we had donuts and juice. It was a good time for socializing. As students got off the busses, many of them came over and helped themselves to the donuts and juice, which was fine, because that's what we had them for. A few people mentioned that this was "unfair", as the students had not attended SYATP, so why should they benefit from our food? Good question. Someone summed it up well, saying that it was part of our outreach, and that sharing with others enabled us to be a Christian presence. A good example of this was a boy who asked Zack what we were doing, and why we were giving away donuts. Zack told him what we were doing and stuff. Who knows...maybe this will lead into some interesting discussions between Zack and Tom? We'll see how God works, because we all know, He is in control!!!!


  1. I am so glad you wrote about SYATP! I was wondering how it went and I didn't won't to wait until 8:30pm, or later, to ask Zack how it went. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I think it's so awesome to see kids witnessing to each other. When I was that age I wouldn't have had the courage to be bold and step out in my faith- Very cool!

  3. I'm glad it went well. You are right about the donuts - if it gets people asking questions, that's great.


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