21 September, 2007


So...everyone has things that they afraid of, right?
Well, I've noticed about myself, that I'm afraid to admit when I'm scared or afraid. I tend to just put up a shield and pretend that everything is okay... So I'm going to come clean, here are some things that I'm afraid of...
...I'm afraid to go to my car when it's dark out, because i'm scared some body is going to be in my car, and as I drive down the road, they'll attack me
...I'm afraid that I'll die and the people that I love won't know that I love them
...I'm afraid that my friendships with people that are still in highschool will lose their strength just because i'm not in high school anymore
...I'm afraid to tell people how I feel about them
...I'm afraid to let people see my weaknesses and faults
...I'm afraid of spiders
...I'm afraid of getting hit in the face with the ball when I try to play softball or baseball


  1. You sound pretty normal! I have some of those same fears! (like spiders, telling people what I really think, lettting people see my faults) I've been out of high school for 29 years and my friendships have changed - however I've been blessed with some new ones.

  2. Thanks for posting this!!! I found that I have pretty much all the same fears except that I don't mind spiders (which is good since the boys LOVE them). But I have one fear that you didn't mention and that is FLYING!!! I hate going in airplanes, but I also hate that I hate it - if you know what I mean!!! I would love to go on more mission trips and I really think I am missing out!!!


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