23 September, 2009


I was told that I needed to update you all on my job(s). So here I am :)
I have been working at West Shore on my own for about a month now. I really really like what I do. I think I have a pretty good handle on my responsiblities, and each time the other office lady comes in, I have fewer questions for her and she has fewer things for me to fix! So that is a good thing. The office is very busy so I never have nothing to do. If I finish all my work, there is always filing to be done and things to be organized. The counselors are a lot of fun to be around too. They invited me to go out for lunch with them this afternoon and we had a good time. It was fun getting to know them in a non-work setting!
The Nursing Home is same as usual. Laundry isn't too exciting, but I like the people that I work with. We are going through some changes around our facility now, to increase our security measures, so that is definitely keeping us on our toes! It is laundry, housekeeping, and maintainance appreciation this week, so there was a luncheon on Tuesday. Unfortunately I couldn't make it, because I was working my other job.
Avon is going well also. It's challenging for me to get out of my comfort zone and gain new customers. I have ideas on how to do it, but usually I chicken out before I follow through. I need to learn to get out of my box and approach people, because that is the only way I will become successful at this!
It's sometimes challenging to have three jobs, but for me it's a good thing. I work about 40 hours a week doing all three, so it's basically like working a full time job, but better. I say better because it's always something different, and I never get bored. (Always a good thing). But I really like my jobs, and for me, that's what's important!


  1. You are busy! I'm sorry you missed the lunch. I heard it was good. Anyway - we do appreciate you!

  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visits, even when I'm MIA which has been quite often lately. I can't seem to stay organizied, but that's life is full, right?



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