02 September, 2009

Ride Warriors

This past weekend Mike and I, his parents, and his sister and her fiance went to Cedar Point. The weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot and not too cold. We took a ton of pictures, but most of them are of the two of us, so I won't bore you with all of those. I did select a few pictures that I think pretty much give a good summary of our trip to share.

We went on a lot of rides. We rode Millennium Force which was a lot more fun than I remembered from last year. We discovered that I tend to psych myself up too much and I get all scared for a ride and then after we go on it, it ends up that it wasn't near as bad as I had made it out to be. We also went on the Skyhawk, which was scary because you end up parallel to the ground and it feels like you're going straight into the ground and then suddenly it swings you back up. We really liked Magnum XL-200 but we weren't thrilled about Maverick. It was really rough and jerky and most of us had headaches after the ride. Wicked Twister used to be my favorite ride and it's still quite high on my list, but I think Top Trill Dragster has won the top spot now! Saturday afternoon, Mike and I and Jen and Tyler also went to the water park, Soak City, and we rode all of the tube rides. Our favorite was Zoom Flume because all 4 of us could go in together.

We went to the Snoopy's Big Bow Wow on ice. It was really neat to watch. The skaters were amazing!

These are two of the main skaters, they did lots of neat tricks like this. At one point he swung her around by her feet and her head came about 2 inches from the ice! Now that takes skill!

This is the restaurant beside our resort; we stayed at the Sandcastle Suites. We ate dinner here.

Wicked Twister is one of my favorite rides at the park. Mike convinced me to ride in the front car with him. I was a little nervous, as this was my first time sitting in the front, but it was really neat! I would definitely do it again!

This was the highlight of Mike's day. I didn't know that I would be riding in the front car so soon after Wicked Twister, but we went straight to Top Thrill Dragster. We had an hour wait (which was our longest wait the whole time at the park) and even that is not too long for a ride. Mike asked me to ride in the front car with him, and only because I love him so much, I agreed. It ended up being absolutely amazing, and we both agreed that the front car is the best way to enjoy Top Thrill!
I have a lot more pictures, so maybe later I will do a post of just pictures that we took on our trip!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the picture of you and Mike at the Cafe.

  2. So much fun - I haven't been to cedar point in years!


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