06 May, 2010

Wedding Songs

I am having so much fun planning our wedding! Seriously! There is so much to do, but it is coming along so well and it's fun fun fun! I have done so much of the big stuff, now I'm working on the little things. My project right now is picking out music to be played during the ceremony and reception. I think the reception is pretty well set, we just have to set a few songs. But the ceremony is harder, because I want most of the music to be instrumental. There are so many types of songs; preludes, the processional, the Bride's song, the Unity candle song, the recessional... I found this awesome site that has been super helpful! There are some absolutely beautiful songs on this site, and now I'm having a hard time deciding.

What songs did you play at your wedding? If you're not married, what songs do you want played at your wedding? Are there any "must-haves"?


  1. We went very non-traditional at our wedding. We had Eric Schrotenboer play the piano when people were being seated and at the end. Pastor Tom G and him sang to a song that the wedding party & I came down in (I forgot which one, I'll have to find it again) and then during our unity candle they sang "Greatest Lover of All Time" (this song isn't widely known but you can be found on youtube)

    Hope you are having fun with the music!

  2. Oh I figured out what we walked down to... "Make Us One" Cindy Morgan. :)

  3. It's such fun planning this.
    I had the traditional Bridal processional song, we also had Largo played - I think for the bridesmaids and groomsmen procession.
    We had this song as a solo - I'm sure you've never heard of it, but we really liked the words. Here it is by Alan Jackson:


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