10 October, 2011

Art Prize

We live about 30 minutes away from Grand Rapids, which hosts one of the largest (if not the largest) art shows in the world!  Art Prize hosts 1,582 artists from all over the world display their work in 164 venues in Grand Rapids.  Then, people can vote on their favorite piece!

This was the first time Mike and I have gone down to Art Prize and it certainly didn't disappoint!
Grizzlies on the Ford is one of the top 10 pieces and it looks so neat to see bears in the fountain!

This piece depicts a timeline from Creation, to the Crucifixion, to the Resurrection

Mike and I were both quite intrigued by this painting.  There's just something about the colors and the people, erie as they are, that grabbed us!

These flowers are made from water bottles!

We thought Rusty the dog was pretty cute!

Finally!  A chair fit for Mike! :)

We loved the monkeys hanging from the was so whimsical, we couldn't help but smile!

This may look like chalk art, but it's really colored sand!  Each day, the artist creates a new work!

Men at Work was so neat!  2 of these men are real, and 1 is a statue...can you guess who the statue is?

This piece was our favorite!  Come back soon and I'll show you why!


  1. I posted about ArtPrize today too. You saw some we didn't see. I love how that chair works out for Mike!


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