06 June, 2008

More from Cedar Point

Remember I mentioned that I'd post a picture of our caricature? Well here it is!

I just love it! We hadn't planned on getting one, Jen and Tyler did though. So we they went to get theirs, we got one done too. The boy who did it is just a junior in high school! Very talented! We got a nice white frame for it and a blue mat, and it's hanging very nicely in my bedroom.

Mike read my blog about Cedar Point the other day and I asked him if I got it all right. He said yes, but I missed some good stories, so I will tell you them now...

On the way back to our hotel Friday night, we stopped at McDonald's for shakes. Mike didn't finish all of his so he brought it back to the hotel with him. For some reason, he had taken the lid off, so it wasn't covered. I held it for him while he used the card to get into the hotel, then I gave it back. We walked to the elevator and got in. As we did, he ended up dumping his entire shake on the floor!!!! I guess he was trying to put his wallet back in his back pocket and tipped his shake. If I had been about 6 inches closer to him, it would have been dumped all over me!!! We were all just busting up laughing....his mom and I stood and held the elevator door open while he ran to get a towel from his room. I guess we held the door for too long and an alarm started going off, of course that just made us laugh even harder!!!

So we went back to our hotel room (the 3 over to our room) to watch the Pistons game. After the game, the guys went back to their room. Mike and Tyler weren't tired so they decided to walk around the hotel. They went and checked out the pool and walked around. When they went to find their room, the number by the way was 2030, they couldn't remember their number! So they walked around and tried their key card in a bunch of random rooms! They were in the 21 hallway, not 20. I guess there were 4 wings and they all looked the same. So finally they decided to go to the front desk and see if something was wrong with their key, if that was why the door wasn't opening. Their key was fine, so they asked what number their room was. 2030.....uh....they had been trying 2130 :) So they headed back up the elevator. Only problem...the front desk was on the opposite side of the hotel as our room, so they were lost again! They ended up walking all the way around the hotel before they found their room!!! That's my guy!!! Nice adventure huh? :)


  1. Sounds like so much fun. I love the caricature. What a great souveneir to come home with.

  2. Good stories. I love the caricature!

  3. The stories are great! Always something funny has to happen when on vacation. If not, would not be so much of an adventure. LOL

    I like the charicature and sorry about your fingers hurting.


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