21 June, 2008


Today was a very busy day. I met the CERT team at 8:40 this morning and we went shopping and for a tour of Medias. Then we went and spent the rest of the day in Sighisoara. They are leaving tonight so after I said goodbye I came back to the apartment. Now it is 11:18 and I'm tired, but I will put up some pictures from the week. I'll add a short description to each. Monday we will leave for camp in the mountains. It is supposed to be hot, today it was 30C, and very sunny, so the weather will be perfect. We'll come home sometime on Saturday. And I will arrive back in A-town on Wednesday evening.

This girl, Ela, was in Axente Sever last year. She remembered me and gave me a big hug when she saw me on Monday!

This is the kids eating their snack in Tarnavioara. They had graham crackers and fruit snacks to represent Noah's ark.

The kids in Saes.

People waiting for the medical clinic in Saes.

Dinner on Thursday night. It was cucumber and tomato salad. Beef chunks in sauce, and mamaligita, like a corn meal hash that you mix with the beef. And also fresh apricots.

On Friday, the women in Saes baked bread just for us in their brick oven. It was the best bread I have ever had!

The pastor in Danes wanted his picture taken with me.

Playing games in Axente Sever

The bridge going out of Tarnavioara. Also a good picture of the scenery.

A cute little boy from Tarnavioara.


  1. It's great to hear from you! Sounds like all is going well and I;m glad you are meeting up with old friends. Praying that this week goes well too!

  2. Wonderful Pics, glad things are going so well! thanks for keeping us posted!

  3. Do you come home July 2????
    That's the same day Mark, Nick and the team from Guatemala get in- maybe I'll see you at the airport!

  4. Great pictures, Melissa! So glad you are keeping us up-to-date on your work there. Sounds like you're having a great time, too!

  5. Looks like things are going well! It's nice to see the photos!


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