10 June, 2008

Of seadooing, police, and storms

On Saturday night, I went seadooing with Mike and his friend Brett and his girlfriend Karli. It was so much fun! It was really hot outside on Saturday so we were all excited to get out on the water where it was a bit cooler. I have not been on a seadoo for probably 10 years, so it was really cool for me. We had been out for probably 15 minutes when a policeman in a motorboat came up to us. We all kinda looked at each other, wondering why, because we hadn't done anything wrong! He asked us where we were headed and stuff. We told him we were just going to go around Lake Macatawa, not going out to the "big" lake (Michigan). Good thing, because he told us we were in a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. We kept our eyes on the sky, but the storm was still over an hour and a half away.

We decided we'd go out to the pier area and cruise around there for a while. We went around for quite a while, and then we started seeing lightening in the distance. Then we felt a few raindrops, so we decided to head back to the dock. Without thinking about it Mike took off across the water. A couple minutes later I looked back, "where are Brett and Karli??" Oh no! He had forgotten that we were in a no wake zone! So Brett and Karli were going slow and therefore way behind us. Next thing we saw was a police boat (different from the earlier one) make a wide turn, flip on his flashers, and speed toward us. Oops. :( Well he pulled up to us and asked why we were going so fast. Mike apologized and said he forgot it was a no wake zone and we'd seen the lightening so we were just headed back to the dock. The policeman went through all the usual steps of being pulled over...but he did not give us a ticket. He said if it had been sunny out and we were going that fast he would have ticketed us, but because it was bad weather he'd let us go if we went straight to the dock. That was okay because we were headed for the dock anyway. Well we got back to the dock and Karli and I got off the seadoos so that we could get the truck and trailer and help load them up. The boys took the seadoos out just a little bit and rode around while they waited for Karli to get the truck. When she pulled the truck up, a police car pulled in behind what?!?! He got out when the boys came up to the shore and he said that they had been "hotdogging" a little too close to shore. He was really nice about it though and stood around and talked for a while. (I have a feeling that the policeman out on the water called to have someone make sure we went straight back to the dock...otherwise what are the chances of him being right there?)

We loaded up and made it back to Brett's house just in time. Mike and I ran over to his house to change out of our swimsuits and then went back to Brett's to watch a movie. We had just headed over there when it started to sprinkle. And you all know what kind of a storm we had Saturday night! It was absolutely crazy! Brett and Mike work at a place that does water restoration and at about 10:45, Brett got called into work because so many people were calling with flooded houses. He ended up working until 5 on Sunday morning and then going back after a few hours of sleep!

On Sunday afternoon, I was at work, and I saw the storm rolling in. I had my camera in my purse and I took some pictures. The sky was a lot darker than these pictures show, but you can see how crazy the storm was!!!


  1. Wow- I didn't know you hung around with such law breakers!!
    That was a crazy storm~

  2. Wow - you must have looked like a rough bunch. They were really watching you! It was quite a storm.

  3. See what a bad influence you are for me ;) Just kidding.

    Taco bell after our trips??

  4. wow those look like some the day after tomorrow clouds.

  5. I always knew you must have a naughty side Melissa! :)

  6. What is a seadoo? You can tell that I do not live by the water. I had to look that one up.


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