11 May, 2009

Makeover Monday

Q: What is something almost everyone has had, but nobody has wanted?
A: Zits!

Yuck!!! That's what you think when you look in the mirror and see an unwanted growth on your face! Well, I know that's what I think, and I've had my fair share of skin troubles... Until I found the best treatment ever (in my opinion).

I had tried everything, and I do mean everything! Products would work to clear my skin for a month or so, but then they seemed to lose their effectiveness. So back to the drawing board, I'd have to find another product. You can imagine how tiring that was!

But then I was flipping through an AVON brochure and I found Clearskin Immediate Response Spot Treatment. This stuff is amazing! I've been using it for probably at least a year now, if not too, and it has not lost its effectiveness!

It's quite simple to use. I wash my face, and then apply a thin layer of this gel to my forehead and chin. If I can feel a zit coming, I dab a bit of the gel on that spot as well. Usually the next day, the spot is a lot less noticable (if not gone!) I tell you, if you have skin problems like me, try this out, I'm sure you won't regret it!

To purchase this or any AVON product, go here.

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