28 May, 2009

Somebody's Watching Over Me

Have you ever had a time where something happened so quickly that you're not quite sure how you got to where you were?

I was having a great day...spending time with my friend Heather over at Mike's house, cleaning, painting, and of course playing on the Wii. It was all well and good until the car drive home. We're driving along, on our way to Heather's house so I could drop her off. We came to an intersection and I saw a car coming straight at us. I slammed on the brakes and pulled my car to the right. But it wasn't enough, I heard a sickening crash and the next thing I knew I was in the ditch and Heather was telling me to calm down. I saw a man on his cell phone calling 911. Then there was a man at my window asking me if I was okay. It took me a few minutes to snap into action and realize what needed to be done. Heather was able to get out of my car right away, but we think I blacked out, so I sat for a while. Finally a man came and brushed the glass off of me and checked to make sure nothing was broken. He happens to be kind of a medic, who helps at the HS football games, and he lived right by where the crash happened. We were blessed he was there. The police man finally came and took our statement and then the tow truck came and pulled my car out.

The driver of the other car ran a stop sign and hit my car right on the driver side door. She walked away with few cuts but she was fine. Heather has a sore shin and hand, along with some cuts from the glass. The windows on the driver's side of my car completely shattered. I have multiple cuts from the glass, a sore wrist, and very bruised and sore left leg (I'm using crutches because I can't put weight on it). I think we will all be sore tomorrow! Heather and I were both scheduled to work tomorrow, but we both called our bosses and found replacements! Thankfully our injuries were relatively minor, the car is probably totaled, but we are okay. God sure was watching out for us!

My poor car! And I only had it for 9 months too! You can see she smucked me pretty good! The other car isn't looking so hot either!
My car went over a ditch, spun and knocked over a fence post before hitting this tall post and breaking it in two. You can see the impact marks on the back of the car. We think the back axle cracked which might explain the state of the back tire!
This is where I was sitting. You can see where the arm rest cracked in half. That is what hit my leg and threw it out of wack. I have a black and blue goose-egg on my leg. I had my purse between the door and my leg, so we think that probably saved my leg from being bad thing though, my camera is broken now :( It was in my purse and is now shattered. So thank you to Mari for taking these pictures when you arrived on scene!

This is the skid mark from where my car went. It hit the yellow gas line marker too.And my car being towed away :(
I am so thankful Heather and I are okay!

You can read Mari's account at her blog.


  1. I'm so thankful for that too! It was scary seeing the car and realizing how different things could have been.
    I always have my camera - you never know when you might need it!

  2. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got out and saw the car! Thank goodness we have a great God who always watches out for His children!

  3. We're all thankful too! Thank you God for protecting these young ladies! Take it easy the next few days! You'll be more sore today and tomorrow! Have Mike just pamper you to pieces!!!!!

  4. Praise God that you both were okay. It brought me to tears seeing the pictures and knowing this could be way different. Thanking God big time that you are both going to be okay.

  5. Mari told me how bad it was but I was still shocked when I saw the pictures. Thanking God you're both ok!

  6. Thank the Lord you guys were OK! Accidents are SO scary. Praying for both of you to not be too sore today!

  7. Even a little fender bender is frightening but by the looks of the cars - that was more than a little frightening. I'm thankful that none of you got hurt worse than you did.
    Hopefully, you're insurance will come through and you'll find something even better than your "9 month" old car!

  8. Yikes!! I hate the feeling when you relize what is happening and its all going in slow know what i mean. I am so glad you girls are ok!!

  9. So glad to hear you are okay! :) We can always replace cars... but never you (or your friend)! God is good! :)

  10. Oh Melissa! I want to hug you right now. I am in tears looking at these pictures. I am SO thankful that God was watching out for the both of you. I hope you aren't in pain for too long. I apologize in advance if I start to cry when I see you tomorrow and hopefully I don't hurt you too bad when I hug you really tight.
    Love you!

  11. Oh Melissa! How scary. Praise God you and your friend survived.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about me closing my blog.

    Because of the encouragement and love from YOU and so many others, I have decided to try blogging again. I hope you'll visit me at my new blog, STARTING OVER

  12. Be sure to check out my blog post that will be going up around 10 tonight!

  13. Heather, Congrats on winning the Target give-a-way from Mari!

    Also, I am thankful you and Heather were not severely hurt in the crash. God was looking out for you. I am sorry about your leg and camera. I pray that you will heal quickly and that you can get a new camera.

  14. Oh my! Praise Him who has better plans for you both! Thankfully the car can be replaced, unlike you two. Love you, my Romanian girls!

  15. Your pictures tell the story of how awful that really was.. so glad you are both alive and well... God isn't done with either of you yet... The angels were with you for sure!!!

  16. Melissa, I am glad that you and Heather are okay too. Just a few injuries but nothing major and yes, God did have his hand on you for sure. This is right by my house and my husband Tom was coming home from work and was there seeing if anyone needed help too. He has a blue Dodge Ram truck.
    Anyway, glad you are okay.


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