28 July, 2009

A Night Out

When Mike does something, he does it well. In this case, he told me earlier in the week that we were going out for dinner on Saturday night, but he didn't tell me where. So Saturday before I headed out to his house, he told me to wear something dressy. I had just bought a dress at a garage sale, so I decided on that. I got to his house and shortly after, we left for the restaurant. He took me to Boatwerks and because the weather was so nice he planned for us to get there early enough to get a seat outside on the patio. We sat about as close to the water as you can get and enjoyed the view of the lake and watching the boats on the water. We both decided to branch out from our normal burgers that we usually order at restaurants. Mike ordered the Grilled BBQ Pork Chop and I got Chicken Oscar. I was surprised at the combination of flavors in my meal (Chicken, Crab meat, Asparagus, and Pasta), but it was very good! Our waitress was nice enough to take our picture and suggested that we go down by the water for it. After our meal, we went on a nice little drive. Mike had worked at some houses on South Shore Drive and he wanted me to see some of them. We were able to go up on a private drive, there were some absolutely beautiful houses there! After our drive, we headed back to his house and watched a movie. It was a great night out!


  1. What a special night! Nice picture!

  2. What a great dress. I need to shop with you.
    Sounds like a lovely evening!

  3. I love the name of your dish- chicken- Oscar!!! Love it!


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