07 August, 2009

New Job!

I graduated from college in May and for the past 4 months I have been applying for jobs. Now-a-days most job applications are filed online, meaning that if you're lucky the potential employer will get your application. I had 2 interviews in June, but nothing came out of it. So I continued applying all over. I would estimate that I would apply at 1-3 places each day. And applying and applying. Of course, Michigan has a super high unemployment rate and more people are being laid off each week, so there are not too many jobs available right now. I thought I would have a slight advantage, being a recent graduate and all. However I found that can be both a blessing and a curse. It's a nice thing because I have all this knowledge built up in my head right now...however, because I went to college straight after high school that means I do not have any work experience in my field. That in itself can be a good or bad thing as well. Bad because I would have to be completely trained, but good because I can be trained exactly how the employer wants, without me having a set way of doing things. In early July, Mike's mom asked me if I would be interested in putting my name in for a job as an office assistant at a counseling office. Her friend works there and knew there was a chance a position would be opening up soon. I said of course I would be interested, but after a while I hadn't heard anything and I didn't really think much of it again. Well, just over a week ago, Mike's mom's friend emailed me and asked if I was still interested in this job. Definitely!!! It happened quite quickly, I had an interview on Tuesday and another on Wednesday. I thought they went quite well. Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call saying that I had gotten the job!!! I will be working part-time at the office, so I will be able to keep my job at the nursing home as well. I am looking forward to this job. There is a lot to learn and I have been told that it is extremely fast paced and I will be very busy each day. But it will be great to get the experience and be working a lot more than I have recently!


  1. You've worked hard to get to this point! Congratulations!

  2. I hope your job goes well. Sounds like interesting and rewarding job.

  3. Congratulations Melissa! I'm so happy for you.

    I have two sons looking for new jobs right now, as well as my future-son-in-law. Job hunting isn't easy.



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