17 August, 2009

Makeover Monday

I am sure you have all seen or heard of a product and thought, "that's too good to be true". I had that when I saw this product for the first time in our Avon preview catalog. This Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair Minimizing Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (long name, huh?) claims that its "Unique deodorant formula helps minimize the appearance of hair in just 2 weeks!" Since it costs just over a dollar, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it out.
Now, I'm not a person who hates shaving or anything, I figure it's a fact of life and beauty, but if this would help minimize the appearance of underarm stubble, especially in tank-top-wearing season, I thought it definitely deserved a shot. I started using it about a week and a half ago, and I can honestly say I can tell a difference! I put it when I get out of the shower and then I do put on my regular deoderant. I think my hair is growing back less noticibly, and it looks like less hair than normal is growing. I will probably continue to shave every day, but this deoderant has definitely helped as I don't notice as much growth by the end of the day. It's a keeper!!!

To purchase this, or any other AVON product, please go here.

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  1. I've never heard of this product. Thanks for sharing.



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