14 November, 2010

Post 400

So this is my 400th post. I told Mike today that I need to do better at posting more often. It's been like 20-some days since I last posted!

We're well on our way to getting settled in our house! Our office still has a few things that need unpacked, and our guest room has become a "catch-all" for the time being. If only I had 1 extra day each week to get stuff done!!!

Life has been crazy since the wedding (and we actually thought it would slow down--silly us!) I got back from the honeymoon to find out that the office I work at had about 1 month to find a new building, move, and get back up and running. Turns out our main water supply was getting shut off, leaving us with no water, and of course you can't run a business without flushing toilets! So that has been crazy! We just found out that we got a building we bid on. It needs a bit of work, but we're hoping to move in the week of Thanksgiving! So that has added quite a bit of stress!

Yesterday, my best friend got married! You might remember a few posts ago I told the story of Alecia and Ovi...well, yesterday their dreams came true! The wedding was gorgeous, and I am so happy for them! Here is a picture of the bride and myself!


  1. Congrats on 400 posts!
    I laughed when I read about the guest room being a catch all. It seems we all have a room or a place in our house that that happens. :)
    The wedding yesterday was beautiful!

  2. I can attest to the fact that everyone seems to have a catch all room, problem is I have more than one.. LOL
    Your friend is beautiful and so are you of course!!


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