16 November, 2010


I thought I would share some of our favorite pictures from our honeymoon! (In no particular order...) There were 2 peacocks that roamed the resort! This one was right in front of the gift shop one day. We never got it to open it's feathers, but it sure was pretty!
This is a view of the resort from the Caribbean Sea. The building we stayed in was the blue one on the far left. The resturants are the buildings on the far right, so we had a bit of a walk to get to the food! Speaking of was incredible! I'll have to do a post just on the foods :)

There were 2 chess sets on the resort...we never played (neither of us know how to), but they sure looked neat!

Our bedroom :)

We saw this crab on the sidewalk on the way back to our room one night.

We got to go snorkeling! We saw some colorful fish, sea urchins, and a ton of coral!

One excursion we went on was to Appleton Rum Estate. It was really neat to see how rum is made! Mike got to use a machine to get sugar cane juice from the cane.

We took a private taxi to Negril one day to go shopping. Our driver bought us jelly coconuts. We first drank the milk, it was an interesting taste, and then they cut off the top and we could scrape the "jelly" out to eat it. Neither of us cared for that part, but it was a neat experience!

It rains almost every day, only for about 25 minutes, but it just pours buckets. I took this picture as the rain was heading our way!


  1. It looks like such a good time! I love the last picture. :)

  2. I think you really enjoyed yourselves by the smiles on your faces. Beautiful pictures, love the peacock just wandering about..

  3. What a beautiful place. Love the last picture too!


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