19 November, 2010

Gourmet Food

Nothing beats starting and ending your day with delicious gourmet food that you didn't have to cook or clean up after! We had some of the most incredible food at our resort. Each morning, we had a breakfast buffet at the biggest restaurant. For lunch, we could choose from an Italian restaurant (Guiseppe's), Caribbean restaurant (Bluefield's), or International (Bayside) (all types of food since it was a buffet) restaurant. For dinner there were many choices as well, Italian (Guiseppe's) , International (formal (Eleanor's) or casual (Bayside)), Asian (Jasmine's), Mediterranean (Neptune's)...let's just say we never went hungry! There was also a cafe (Cafe de Paris) that offered all kinds of baked delicacies all day long. And plenty of bars ;) **Disclaimer: If you are hungry, you might want to eat before looking at this post :)

My handsome husband and me at Guiseppe's.

Creme brule at Eleanor's

Dessert for 3 at Eleanor's

Bleu Cheese Steak at Eleanor's

Coconut Rice Stuffed Chicken at Eleanor's

Salad and Bruschetta at Eleanor's

Apple Crisp Ala Mode at Bayside

Chocolate Mound at Bayside

4 Meat Platter (Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Lamb) at Bayside

Peppered Shrimp at Bayside

Caesar Salad at Bayside

Chicken at Neptune's

Steak at Neptune's
Cucumber and Tomato (but mostly pepper) Salad at Neptune's

Sampler Platter at Bayside

Beef and Broccoli at Jasmine's
Sweet and Sour Chicken at Jasmine's

Hawaiian Pizza at Guiseppe's

Truffles, Chocolate Covered Fruits, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Covered Marzipan, and various other chocolate desserts at the Chocolate Buffet

Bacon Alfredo at Guiseppe's

Chicken with Tomato Gnocchi at Guiseppe's

Antipasta Bar at Guiseppe's (Yes, that is a mussel, and yes, I did eat it!)

Cookies and a scone from Cafe de Paris

Breakfast buffet at Bayside


  1. It all looks delicious! I think I would have gained 10 pounds in a week there.

  2. Gourmet for sure, looks really good!!!


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