26 September, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday--Holidays

Congratulations to the winners of the Basic H2 giveaway--Cheri and Terri!  I'll be emailing you soon! :)

This weekend was awesome--it really felt like fall and that put me in the mood for donuts and apple cider.  I didn't have a donut but I did have some nice hot cider...mmm!  It's funny how this week's Friend Makin' Monday topic fits in so well with the changing seasons.  In fact, I was just commenting to Mike the other day that I'm ready for Christmas! :)

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FMM: What’s your favorite holiday? And why?

I really do love all the holidays, just some more than others. I love the excitement in the air as a holiday approaches and the anticipation of kids and adults alike. 

But I'd have to choose that Christmas is my very favorite holiday.  First and foremost, because it is the celebration of Jesus' birth.  And next come all the other reasons this holiday is so fun:
*Christmas music
*Yummy food
*Baking cookies
*Christmas trees
*The anticipation of giving and receiving gifts
*Time spent with family and friends
*A general sense of excitement and warmth in the air

To me, it truely is the most wonderful time of the year!  In fact, a Christmas song came on my Pandora radio the other day and instead of skipping it, I sang along...I can't wait for Christmas!


  1. I'm like you, I listen to Holiday Music thru out the year, I love Carol of the Bells sooo much one season is not enough.
    Stopping by from FMM

  2. I agree with you, I love Christmas too! I love all the decorations and just the general happiness that is in the air!

  3. Christmas is my very favorite time of year and I'm ready for the music! If I'm the cheri that won I'm very excited :)

  4. Hi from FMM!
    I am with you - there are tons of reasons to love Christmas. It's the best time of year by far. :)

  5. Although Halloween has become my new favourite, I do still love Christmas - I do miss the family gatherings we used to have!

    I love the decorations and music too.


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