01 April, 2012

Setting Records

Last Sunday was a big day for me!  I ran my furthest distance yet!  6.1 miles in the book.  I typically do my long runs on Friday mornings, but it was raining on Friday.  Then on Saturday I wasn't feeling great, so I decided I'd do my run Sunday afternoon.  Mike helped me map out a route that would take me 5 miles around our town.  I set out on the run after we got home from my parent's house and I was worried that I was going to have another bad run.  I had a stomach ache and cramps for the first 2 miles.  I ended up stopping for a few minutes to wait for the cramps to subside before continuing on.   I now think that my stomach issues and cramping was caused my my food before my runs; I had a different breakfast than usual before my first bad run, and then on Sunday I had eaten both breakfast and lunch.  Typically I run on an empty stomach or just eat a banana before. Happily, the rest helped and the next part of my run went great! My pace was over a minute slower than my typical running pace, but my goal was endurance, not speed.  5 miles would have brought me back to our front door, but since it was nearly 5pm and we were supposed to be at Mike's parent's house at 5, I decided to continue running to their house.  We live .66 miles from them and by this point I knew I was close to setting a personal best distance run.  I ran past their house and up and down a culdesac, I ran up their driveway and checked my distance and it was 6.1 miles!  I was so excited! 
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I think I've finally chosen a half-marathon for this year.  There's a local 5k and half coming up in September.  I've heard good things about it, and one of my friends is running it, so I think that's the one for me!

As far as eating this hasn't been great.  Breakfast and lunch are easy for me to eat healthy balanced meals, but supper is a different story.  I know it's an excuse, but it's difficult when Mike has no desire to eat as healthy as me, and I really don't want to make 2 meals.  I'll be making it more of a focus this week, so we'll see how it goes!

I'm halfway through the Best Body Bootcamp challenge!  Tomorrow we begin week 5's workouts.  I've enjoyed the workouts that Tina created, and I can tell that I'm getting stronger.  This week we added an additional set to last week's workout, so we did each superset 4 times.  I was pleased to find that some of the moves I struggled with last week, I was able to do with ease this week!  I can tell my triceps are definitely more defined, and I'm pleased with that!  I'm looking forward to this week's workouts!

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