17 July, 2008

The zoo

Last Saturday my mom, our exchange student Angela, Alecia's mom Bonnie, and their exchange student Elena, and I went to the zoo. It turned out to be a perfect day and we had a good time.

Wallabees...the dad, the baby and the mama. The baby still fit in it's mom's pouch and the lady at the zoo said that it will go in there until it is 3 times the size it is now!!

We went to the petting zoo area and the goat took a liking to Bonnie!

I love the penguins!

The bears were really cool to watch. This one was taking a bath when we got there. The other one had seen the zoo keeper and thought it was going to get food, so it was pounding on the door for literally 15 minutes! You could hear it at other exhibits!


Angela and Elena

They have a new lion exhibit. It was cool but there is so much room for the lions to hide that it was difficult to watch them.

I thought this was interesting about the turtles...


  1. Looks like fun! I had to show Chad the sign about braking for turtles. He's rescued many a turtle from the middle of the road. A few weeks ago, we were going up to Cranhill and he rescued two of them within about 100 feet of each other on the road right by Cranhill Ranch! We always give him a hard time about stopping for them. After reading your sign, I feel kind-of bad!!

  2. I wondered about the lion exhibit. It sounds really nice but I thought it may be harder to see them. It's always fun to go there!

  3. That's interesting about the turtles. Quite a few years ago we were staying at my mom & dad's cottage and on our way back from town we saw some drunks throwing stuff at a turtle on the side of the road. We were so angry - we got them to leave and then we got the turtle to move more to the side and continue on it's way.

  4. That is neat that you had a great time at the zoo. Have you ever been to Binder Park Zoo? Down in Battle Creek. That is a really cool one. You can go on a safari ride and feed the girraffes.


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