25 August, 2008

Great weekend!!

I wish this weekend wasn't over yet!!! It was so much fun, and it's hard to believe we only have a week left of summer before classes start next Tuesday.
Friday night, I went with Mike to his company picnic at Lawrence Street park. They had it catered by the catering company from Holland Rescue Mission, which is a really neat program if you ever need a caterer. Anyway, after the meal, they started a game of kickball. I'm not too good, so Jordan and I opted to watch instead, which was a blast!!!

Mike up to kick....all his balls went way high and way out to the outfield

Headed to third base

Brett posing for a picture....he was only like this for 2 seconds, right when I snapped the picture :)

It poured while they were playing, so everyone got pretty wet, but it was all fun! After the kickball game, we left to head up north to Big Star Lake. We got there about 9:30 or so and hung out for a little bit before we built a campfire. The four of us (Mike, me, Brett, and his friend Jordan) hung out and talked for a long time. Brett's mom made some popcorn so we enjoyed that. It was after midnight when we put the fire out and went inside. We all got ready for bed and ended up talking until after 2!!!
Sunday was a totally relaxing day. We spent a lot of time just hanging out, eating, and going out on the lake. We waited until after 12 to go out on the seadoos, but we got them all gassed up and ready earlier in the morning. The lake was fairly calm, there was a breeze but nothing to major. Mike and I went out on his seadoo and Brett and Jordan on Brett's. Mike's family came so he went to say hi and I took the seadoo out for a spin before coming back to the dock for him. It's fun to drive the seadoo, but I like riding with him's more fun for me when there's two people rather than going out on my own. We decided to take a break and so we went back up the the trailer (actually it's a single-wide mobile home) and watched Scooby Doo and had lunch. We had a ton of food, and it seemed like we were always eating. There were 18 people up there, so there was no lacking of conversation! We spent our time between watching TV and talking and going out on the lake. It was Brett's birthday (19...he's catching up to me and Mike now!) so that's why there were so many people there. His brother in law grilled steaks and we had potato cassarole, pasta salad, corn, and garlic bread for dinner. Then we had birthday cake and Brett opened his cards and presents. Mike and I decided not to go out on the seadoos again because we were so cold, so we packed up while Brett and Jordan went for another spin. It was a blast...but it always is when I'm with my friends!!

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  1. I don't know Brett but amazingly enough he's catching up with me in age too! --- NOT! :) Sounds like you had a great weekend!


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