05 June, 2009

I'm still here!

Last Friday, I was still in a lot of pain from the accident. Mom insisted that I go into the urgent care center, so when she got home from work, off we went. When we left there, I had a diagnosis of: badly sprained wrist (at first they thought I might have had a compound fracture), sprained back, and hip contusion (fancy name for bruise). The doctor also prescribed Vicodin and Neproxen which have helped a bit. Thankfully I had nothing broken, but my leg sure felt like something more than a bruise had happened! I tried using crutches around the house because I was in so much pain when I walked, but that caused problems with my wrist, so I ended up just hobbling along.

I was supposed to work Friday morning, but I called in Thursday night and someone covered my shift. I wanted to go in on Saturday but the doctor told me I couldn't work again until Monday at the earliest. I did go to work again on Tuesday, it went well but I was quite tired when I got home.

Sunday night, Mike and his family got home. They had been on vacation for the past week. It was really good to see him again after a week of being apart. And, I think he was real ready to see me and see for himself that I was okay!

So now it's been over a week since the accident. I wasn't scared to drive the day after when we picked up my rental car. I have noticed that I tend to hold my breath when I get by 2 way stops. Especially if the driver of the other car happens to be one who flies past the stop sign and comes to a screeching halt right at the corner, rather than at the stop sign. That happened last night on my way home. But other than that...

I was fortunate enough to have full coverage insurance, so now I'm just waiting for the check to arrive. It should come today. I have been looking around online for a new (used) car, and later this afternoon my dad and I are going out to look in the Holland area.

I do have a few more posts coming. I did some work around Mike's house and so I will post a before and after picture. I have the before ones already, but since I no longer have a working camera (it broke in the crash), I'm going to have to have Mike take the after ones for me. So stay tuned for those sometime next week...


  1. I'm so sorry you're still sore and achy. You lucky to be alive! Hang in there...things WILL get better and you'll be back to exercising again soon. We don't have a Wii, but I sure would love one.

  2. I was wondering what was happening about getting a car. Heather is still pretty sore too, and discovering bruises in strange places! She said she gets really tired too - funny how the body works while healing.


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