09 June, 2009

Late night adventure

Last night, I was sitting in the living room working on my laptop. Suddenly I heard my dog barking like crazy in the garage. I went outside to see what he was barking at, but the door was shut so he couldn't see people walking by. I went back inside and he started barking again. So I went outside again, and still nothing. He continued continuously barking for probably 15-20 minutes. This is quite unusual for my dog! Finally my mom went to see what the fuss was about but she didn't see anything for him to be barking at either!

He finally stopped and it was peaceful again. I turned on the TV and was watching a show when I heard a strange scratching noise coming from the corner of our house nearest to where I was sitting. It sounded like an animal was outside and scratching on the wall. I would randomly hear these noises and then it would stop. Every time I told my mom to listen, the noise wouldn't happen. We thought maybe we had mice in our pantry (which is behind the wall behind me), but nothing was there. Mom went outside to see if she saw anything out there, but nothing. Finally we figured we'd look in the morning and mom went to get ready for bed.

Mom had just crawled into bed and I was sitting on the couch watching the last of the news when this flying creature came flying straight at me. "Mooooommmmmmm! There's a bird or a bat in our house!" Now, if you know me, I hate when things come flying at my face (ask Mike, I freak out). So I'm pretty freaked out as this bat is flying around near the ceiling of our house. Next thing I know Mom is screaming because the bat decided to visit her in her room. I got her to come out of her bedroom and shut the door trapping the bat in there. And we tried to devise a plan.

Finally Mom was brave enough to go search her bedroom for the mysterious bat. I wish I had a camera, she was wearing a jacket with the hood tied around her head, and she put one of my Avon boxes on top of her head. She walked slowly through her room but didn't see the bat. I told her she should just leave it until the morning and we'll look for it in the daylight. But then she saw the bat. In here...

So we came up with another plan. We would throw a blanket over the tree to trap the bat and then drag the tree outside. I didn't think that the bat would stay in place when the tree started moving, so we decided to throw it out the window instead. Well, as mom tried to throw the tree out the bedroom window, the bat fell out of the tree. So she threw a blanket on top of the bat and covered it up with her head protection (aka my Avon box). I found a piece of cardboard which we slid under the box, creating a lid. Then we carefully picked up the box, and threw it out the window. I quickly slammed the window shut. The bat was gone...we had won!

This is the box and blanket that we threw out the bedroom window! We still have no idea how the bat got into our house, but I sure am glad we got it out!


  1. I'm sorry for your trouble, but it has given me a big laugh! The thought of your Mom with that jacket and hood and the box is hilarious. An picturing the two of you trying to throw a tree out of the window makes me laugh again. I am glad for you, that he is gone!

  2. Oh my word!! I cannot believe you two had a bat in your house! I would have been freaking out too. Soo glad you managed to get it out!

  3. I agree with Mari- I can't help but laugh thinking about your mom.
    I give you both so much credit though- I wouldn't have had the guts to go after it!
    I'm thinking until a real job comes up you could always go into business as a bat catcher :)

  4. The visual is excellent!!! I wouldn't have even attempted to catch the bat. Bats are to me what butterflies are to Zack. I am guessing you know EXACTLY what I mean by that. I would have slept in my vehicle before being in the same room with a bat.
    You are one brave girl!

  5. Wow what a story!!! I think it came in from the garage when you were looking at what the dog was barking at! That's my story anyway! You two are very brave, and I do wish you had a picture of your mother!


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