23 June, 2009

Saugatuck Sunset

A couple weeks ago, Mike had a job out in Saugatuck. He really liked the scenery there, and he knew I would love it as well. So one night he surprised me and suggested that we drive out there to watch the sunset. It was just as beautiful as he had described it! We drove down a private drive, deep into the woods. Then he parked the car and we walked to a scenic overlook. This is the view from there...
It was a little cloudy, so we couldn't see much of the sun, but it made for some bright pink sky!

He looks so deep in thought!

Looking south down the coastline

Amazing clouds!

I love this picture! There's some what of a funny story behind the shirts we are wearing. He bought us both shirts from Jamaica when his family was there on a cruise about a month ago. I had worn something different to his house in the morning because we had to go to a funeral first. When we got back home and changed, he came out of his room wearing his Jamaica shirt, and of course I had to wear the shirt I had brought with me that morning, also my Jamaica shirt! Great minds think alike I guess!!!


  1. Gorgeous sunset! You picked the right night to go there.

  2. I took Mike on a date there one time when he didn't know where we were going or doing all night... I had everything planned out and the night ended with a Lake Michigan sunset in Saugatuck. That was so much fun. :)


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