10 January, 2010

Christmas in Canada

The weekend before Christmas Mike and I, and my parents, drove up to Canada for Mom's family Christmas party. I took a lot of pictures, and I think I will share them in 2 parts. Today, I will share pictures of things that we saw, and later I will show you pictures of the party. It was especially neat because Mike has never been to Canada, so he got to experience everything for the very first time!

We arrived at my Grandparent's house Friday evening and spent the night visiting and making perparations for Saturday. Saturday morning, Mike and I went out sightseeing for a while. We drove out to the Lake (about 5 minutes drive my my Grandparent's house). It was super cold so we didn't stay for long.

This is a zoomed in picture taken to the left of where Mike is standing in the previous picture. The tall tower in the background is the CN Tower. The Tower is in Toronto, about 45 minutes from Whitby, but on a clear day (like the day this picture was taken), it can be seen from Whitby.

When we drove home on Sunday, I took some pictures of downtown Toronto. The building on the far right of the above picture is the CN Tower.

The view overlooking downtown Toronto.

We always enjoy looking for the airplanes landing and taking off from the Toronto airport. This plane was about to land as we drove by.

Stay tuned for more pictures...coming soon!

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  1. Nice shot of that plane! I'm glad Mike was able to go with yuo this year!


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