21 January, 2010

Final Christmas Event :)

The Saturday after Christmas, we had our Christmas time with Mike's family. It actually worked out quite well with my family on Christmas Eve, his extended family on Christmas, and his family afterwards; it was much less stressful than trying to cram everything into 1 day!

Tyler and Jen opening their present from Mike and I--a fondue pot with some goodies to make in it! (Sorry, the pictures are so dark, the lighting wasn't good on this side of the room!)

Mike's Dad with his gift from me, a laptop cooling station. It was perfect because Mike gave him a laptop bag, so he is all set!

Throughout the month of December, I secretly stole Mike's Mom's recipes, typed them up, returned them and stole some more! I printed them up and put them in a binder for her, so now her recipes are organized and she can find them real quick!

Mike (wearing his other new shirt from me!) opening the first season of Chuck, a present from me.

Mike found this HUGE stocking and filled it to the brim with all kinds of neat gifts for me! It was a lot of fun opening up all the gifts!

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  1. I love what you did for Mike's Mom. I bet she really appreciated the time you spent on that. Your stocking is great too! :)


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