06 September, 2010


Last Friday, Mike and I drove to Chicago for pizza. Yes, all the way just for pizza. The whole point was to rent a cool car (supposedly a cool car...we ended up with an Impala...oh well) and just enjoy the drive. We had a good time, just talking with no distractions, and enjoying each other's company as well as a day off of work from both our jobs and the house!

This is a bench right outside the restaurant, I thought it was really neat!

And this is the restaurant we went to. We went to the Lou Malnati's in Lawndale. Whenever our youth group would go to Chicago for our mission projects, we would always get pizza at Malnati's on Saturday night. Here is a quote from the website describing the uniqueness of this particular restaurant: "Carrying on Lou's vision of providing great food at reasonable prices, Lou Malnati's has grown to include 21 family-owned Chicagoland pizzerias. In recent years the Malnatis have felt blessed by their success and wanted to do something to give back to the community. In the fall of 1995 the Malnati's opened a restaurant on the West side of Chicago in an effort to help rejuvenate a neighborhood that has not had much success in recovering from the riots of 1967 that ravaged the area. Lou Malnati's Lawndale Pizzeria is unique in that all profits will be given back to the community to benefit children's educational and recreational programs."

Notice anything different about the sign below the green light? ;)

There was a traffic cop directing the traffic, specifically the pedestrians...we don't see them around little ol' Allendale!

If we weren't so full from delicious pizza, we probably would have stopped to get food from some of the many street vendors! We saw people with ice-cream, popcorn, hotdogs...all kinds of stuff! There was even someone walking down the median before the highway selling cold drinks!
All in all, it was a fun trip, and great to just get away for the day!


  1. What a fun thing to do! I love the bench!

  2. I love to visit Chicago, but wouldn't want to live there for one minute. Glad you had a fun day.


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