01 September, 2010

Kitchen and more

It took a lot of hard work and muscle, but Mike was finally able to get all the counters and cabinets out of the kitchen. The original plan was to take them out and then put some in our garage, but they needed to be ripped apart to come out, so now we are left with a pile of wood in our garage! You can see how strange the kitchen looks without any structures in it now! We did run into 1 issue: we removed the backsplash from the wall and discovered a nasty mess of hardened glue (the brown stuff on the walls). We tried goof-off, sanding it...nothing worked, so Mike and his Dad came up with a final resort...

...cutting out the section of drywall and replacing it! This was an issue that had to be taken care of since we only have a 4 inch backsplash with our new kitchen, and of course we couldn't leave the walls looking like the did!

This was my project for the day...painting the bathroom vanity and drawers. I decided that we needed some brightness in our bathroom, so I thought I would paint all the brown wood white. I still have 1 more coat to go, but I'm loving how it turned out!

Mike and Dan started this project a while ago and it should be completed soon! The subfloor in our bathroom was black with mold and mildew. They ripped it all out and are in the process of replacing the subfloor. Within a few weeks, we should have tile in!

This room has been painted for a while, but I just wasn't happy with it. The previous owners had done a horrible job with painting, so unless I covered up all their mistakes by making my paint job look bad, we could still see pink, purple, and yellow paint on the trim and ceiling. A friend of ours, Sue, came and painted the ceiling, which made a huge difference. She then suggested painting the trim on the walls the same color as the walls. I told her to go for it, so she and Mike's mom did the first coat. I think it turned out great!!!
We have a month before we want to be able to start moving things in, and I think we're going to make it! We had a few set-backs with our carpet and wood installation, but I think we have that mostly cleared up and we should be making big progress soon!


  1. I'm loving it! I know you guys have been working so hard, but it will all be worth it!

  2. Wow- I think you've done great with your progress. That is so much hard work but it looks great!

  3. You guys are doing a great job with it! I hope my mom and dad can get there soon to help you with the tile! I cannot wait to see your house when its done!!


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