06 June, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday: Why do you blog?

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FMM: Why Do You Blog?

I started blogging because I had a 4 hour break between classes in college.  It was about 4 years ago and a lot of my friends from church were writing blogs.  I followed their blogs and I thought it would be fun to keep a blog of my own. 

My blog is basically my journal.  I use it to document my thoughts, my recipes, what Mike and I are up to, and other things I find interesting and/or important.  It's a place where I can look back and see where I've come over the years.  Someday I'd like to print my blog out so that I can have a "book" of my life. 

I don't blog every day.  I don't have time...I wish I did.  But then I wouldn't know what to write about.  Sometimes I think I don't have anything to write about, but then something pops into my head during the day and I think, Oh!  I'll blog about that!  Blogging has become part of my life, so much so that I never go anywhere without my camera, just in case there is something blogworthy to be seen!

What about you, why do you blog?


  1. I blog for the same reasons, and now I find it can be quite handy to go back and see what happened when - especially during trips.

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  3. I love your answers, and you're's a great way to journal our lives. =)

    Thanks for being a part of FMM. It makes me smile! =0)

    Oops! I forget to sign in different these

  4. I do use it as a journal too. The things we do with Technology, I have tons of old journals and is fun to look at the past.
    Like you, I envy those who can blog everyday :)
    stoping by from FMM


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