10 June, 2011

I did it!!!

I've had a goal...ever since high school when I measured the distance between my house and one of my best friend's to see if it was 5 miles (it was...almost exactly)...that I wanted to be able to run 5 miles.  In fact, it's even on my bucket list.  Well, guess what?  Today I got to cross that off!  When I got to the gym this morning I decided that I was going to run 5 miles, so I did!  I felt great, I was tired when I was done but I honestly feel like I could have kept on running.  My legs felt great, I didn't cramp up, and I had no trouble breathing.  I was soaked with sweat when I finished, but it was hot in there today!
I took this picture right after I hit the 5 mile marker.  I did do a cool down, so I actually did 5.25 miles today!

In other running news, I completed my 3rd 5k on May 28th!  My 2 running buddies, Jennifer and Karen, and I ran in the YMCA's Kick-off to Summer race.  It was a challenging course, lots of hills to run, but we all set personal records.  It was a fantastic day!
The race was chipped, and I actually completed in 31 minutes and 12 seconds!  I'm running another race at the end of June and my goal is to beat that time :)
We did it!


  1. Yay for you! I'm so proud of you.

  2. Congrats on reaching such an awesome goal! You are definitely persuading me to do the Couck to 5K and my new exercise routine. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Good job! I'm a new runner myself and trying to give myself weekly goals. This week (my first week of "training") I said I wanted to reach 14 miles of running, so basically 2 per day. My sister, Lauren, is a crazy runner and I want to start training so I can maybe run with her someday. CONGRATS!


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