01 August, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday: Girly Questions

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1. Do you like to shop? Usually.  I almost always enjoy grocery shopping because I love to find great deals.  I do get easily annoyed with other shoppers though!  As far as other shopping goes I have to be in the mood for it or looking for something in particular.  Otherwise I get bored and grumpy really quickly!

2. How often do you wear makeup? I usually wear makeup Monday-Friday because that's when I work.  Saturday it really depends on what I'm doing, but I often don't put any on unless we're going out for dinner or with friends.  Sunday I wear makeup.
3. How do you feel about nail polish? I hate wearing it on my fingernails because I can feel the weight of it and it drives me crazy.  But, I always have my toenails painted, I don't like the look of bare toenails!
4. Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? Yes and no.  I think that women are perfectly capable of doing many things and rightly so.  However, I also think that there are things/jobs best left to men, and that the men should be the head of the household.

5. What’s your biggest challenge as a woman? Learning to tune out what society says I should be like.

6. Do you wear skirts and dresses? Or do you prefer something else? I wear skirts and dresses to church occasionally and to weddings.  I wear dress pants to work and I love a good pair of comfy jeans otherwise!

7. How do you feel about high heels? I love high heels! My wedding shoes had 4 inch heels...I have to wear heels to measure up to my 6'7" husband!

8. Do you subscribe to magazines? If so, which ones? Yeah, a bunch of them.  Taste of Home, Fitness, Redbook, Cosmo, All You.

9. Do you shave your legs/wax/ use depilatory creams or go au naturale? I shave.
10. What do you like most about being a woman? that an answer?  I love being able to dress up, I love to cook/bake, I love taking care of people.

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  1. I really liked your answers today - especially the feminist answer. I do have to wonder about you feeling the weight of the polish on your nails! Mine feel pretty light! :)


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