24 November, 2008

A ray of sunshine

I have to apologize for slacking on my blog. This semester, especially these past couple weeks, has been insanely busy for me! All my classes are ones that I really have to work at, no easy classes this semester.
I spent all Friday evening, probably 3 hours Saturday, and most of the day Sunday working on homework. No, not for all my classes...but for just one class! My management class has an insane amount of work, and it doesn't help at all when your team members don't contribute or do their work on time. I was supposed to study for my accounting test today as well, and I was able to squeeze in about an hour of study time for that, but most of my time was spent on this ridiculous paper.
Mike came over yesterday afternoon, so he could help me a bit with my paper, and while I worked on mine, he also worked on a paper he had to write. Toward the end of the night, I was just so frustrated, I couldn't take any more. We ended up watching a movie, which helped a bit, but I was so stressed out. I've never been this stressed for any other classes, in all my other semesters.
So Mike knew how frustrated I was feeling. Unbeknownst to me, he stopped at the store and bought me my favorite candies. When he saw me today, he handed me not one, but two bags of these...
I was so surprised when he pulled them out of his backpack this morning! Just another thing I love about him, how he's so sensitive and thinks of the little things like this to make my day better. Thanks Mike!!!


  1. That was really sweet! I love those Lindt truffles too!

  2. You can try blaming your lack of bloggy love on your classes but we know your love has shifted to a certain someone mentioned in the post. I am thinking that is where your time has gone. LOL!


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