20 March, 2009


Since September, I have been going to SEM with Mike. SEM is Special Education Ministries, and we do it at Mike's church every Thursday night. Mike has been doing SEM for 5 years, and because I am at his house on Thursday nights, he invited me to come with him. Basically, we go and spend an hour with a special needs student. We start out with a group prayer time, then the leaders do a Bible story, we break off into one-on-one time with our student, and then come back for a time of praise and worship. When I first started, I would go with Mike and his student Brian. In January, one of the tutors moved away, and I was asked if I would do my own student, I agreed, so I have been working with Alice since then. It's a blast watching everyone each week. Some weeks we have special events, like square dancing, puppet shows, carnivals, or sing alongs. A few weeks ago, a group from another church came in and sang some Christian parodies of other songs. It was really fun! It really has been a blessing to be a part of SEM and I really encourage you to find out if there is a ministry like this in your area, and if there is, to find out how you can help them!


  1. I love working with Special Education people and can only imagine what a blessing this would be to you. I know you are a great blessing to them too.

  2. That sounds so great! My parents used to do something like this too and I know they were so blessed by it! I also just love how God works... having you start going with Mike and then a female student needing a new partner just when you've got your feet wet with it all! :) God's so cool!

  3. That is really cool Melissa! What a blessing you are.


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