24 July, 2010

The Prize

Some may say he lost the battle, but I say he won the prize. My Grandpa went to be with his Heavenly Father Tuesday night. We take comfort in knowing that his pain is gone, his body is healed, and he is rejoicing in the presence of God. We mourn that Grandpa is no longer here on earth with us, yet rejoice in the time we were able to spend with him and the memories we have of him.

Grandpa was a hard working man of skill. He was talented with wood and every time we would visit, he would have a new creation for us. Somewhere we have a box of all the wooden animals he made. We would always visit him in his workshop and watch him as he showed us to to make things and what tools were used for what.

Every summer us grandkids would get to spend a week with my Grandparents, for my brother and I, it was the time we could spend with just Grandma and Grandpa. We wold stay up late at night playing dice and Rummikub. We went on all kinds of adventures: fishing for sunfish and catching catfish instead, long drives through the mountains, visiting the locks, going to car shows, 5 pin bowling, trips downtown Toronto, visiting the CN tower, spending the day at Ontario place, getting ice-cream at the corner store, going to the beach...

Though we may lay him in the ground today, we have some many memories of Grandpa that we can treasure forever. It's those memories, the ones that we cherish forever, that will keep Grandpa alive in our hearts.

Grandpa, you'll be missed, but I know we will meet again in Heaven. I love you!


  1. Melissa - this is such a great tribute to your Grandpa! He was a special man and I'm so glad I was able to get to know him. You're right - he ran the race and won the prize!
    I'm praying for your family today and in the days to come.

  2. Beautiful post! He does sound like a wonderful man and what wonderful memories you have.
    Praying for your family!

  3. It sounds like you had grandparents that were wonderful to you. Some children only dream of those wonderful memories. You wrote a lovely tribute to your grandfather. I am glad you have these memories to treasure.

  4. Your whole family is in my prayers!


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