22 July, 2010

Summer Survival Kit

I never really noticed it, but I change up my "beauty regimen" during the summer. I find that I don't need to wear as much make-up (nor do I want to as it usually just sweats off). When I do use it, I opt for a lightweight mineral powder and a touch of mascara.

With the humid weather we get in Michigan, I am absolutely loving this new hair product. It is the best frizz-fighter I have used yet, and it makes my hair so soft and smells amazing! Best of all, I've been using it and it really does meet the expectations I had for it! No frizz. All day!

Like most people, I sweat more in the summer, and the sweat makes me tend to break out a little more on my back and chest. I was thrilled when I found this new product! My skin is clearer than ever!

What are your favorite summer beauty secrets?

All AVON products shown in this post are available here.

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