14 July, 2010

Wedding Shower

Mike and I had our very first wedding shower this weekend. We drove up to Canada for the weekend for a huge family get-together. Friday night we were all together so my Aunt Anita threw us a shower. She did a wonderful job and we had a blast!
We all gathered in the living room for the festivities. Aunt Anita had a game for us, men versus women. The women had to answer questions that men would typically know and vice versa. There were questions about what tool you would use for a product, what spice was in a bag, what ingredient would not be used in a recipe, or what car emblem the picture was of. The men won!!!

There was a whole table full of munchies that we snacked on while we played games. But then, it was time for gifts! We recieved this beautiful frame from my mom.

My Aung got us a bunch of huge towels.

Aunt Anita brought us a beautiful was absoultely delicious! We had enough that we were able to bring some home and share it with Mike's family as well.

We got a lot of items from our registry. The evening was a great time with our family, and it was especially special because Mike and I were both able to be there!


  1. It sounds like a really nice shower! I like the idea of having everyone there!

  2. What a fun time. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.


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