31 December, 2010

2010 In Review

What a year this has been! I was just commenting to Mike the other night about how quickly it has flown by! This year has brought many changes to us, and we are blessed to have been able to grow from those changes and experiences!

In January, Mike and I, along with his parents, went to Virginia for the weekend to visit some relatives down there. The men went deep sea fishing, while us ladies went shopping at Ikea and then visited Quantico! Mike and I love the show NCIS, so it was really neat to see the actual base!

In January, we also went to the Detroit Auto Show. We spent a few hours dreaming about cars that we'll never be able to afford!

March 3rd was the day that brought about the most change this year. Mike took me ice-skating at Rosa Parks Circle and he proposed! Of course, I said yes :)

I already mentioned our love of NCIS; every time we watch it, Mike loves the gun action and comments on how he wishes he could do that. For our 2 year dating anniversary in March, I surprised Mike by arranging for a good friend to take us out shooting. Mike and I still talk about how much fun we had that day!

In May, we took a huge leap of faith and purchased our very first home! We were just looking at the time and not sure we would be buying right away, but we found the "perfect" home for us and knew we had to make an offer. Our offer was accepted and from then on, every spare minute was spent working on our new home!

The house we bought was a foreclosure and needed a lot of work. We spent countless hours ripping up carpet and laminate, cleaning, painting, cleaning, repairing holes in walls, cleaning (recognize a pattern here?), replacing the floors, choosing the new appliance and more!

I spent a few months housesitting for some friends who did mission work in Haiti this summer. I had a new furry friend, Ella, to keep me company.

We painted every room of our house. I had so much fun picking out the colors and painting! We were blessed to have many friends and family members who helped us paint! The painting is what really helped transform the house!

In July, my grandpa went to be with his Lord. He was very sick, and it was difficult to see him in so much pain. As hard as it was to say good-bye, we know that he has a new healthy body in Heaven!

Our house was nearly complete by October. We designated the first weekend of October as our move-in time, and spent the majority of that week packing and unpacking, as well as preparing for...

...our wedding!!! We were married on a beautiful 70 degree sunny October 9th. Everything went perfectly and now I am blessed to have Mike as my husband!

We spent a week in Jamaica for our honeymoon. We had an incredible time and it was great to get away from all the stress of re-doing our house and planning a wedding!

On November 13, my best friend, Alecia, married Ovidiu. They have an incredible story and it was such a blessing to be a part of their day!

On November 26th, Mike celebrated his first birthday as a married man, and turned 22 years old!

In December, I had a chance to sing in a choir with Avalon! It was an incredible experience and one I will never forget.

I hope you had a wonderful 2010 as well. As we look ahead to 2011, I pray that you will be blessed!


  1. What a year! Much joy and some sorrow too. It was good to see your highlights.

  2. Nice recap of your year.. Hope the next one will be just as good or better.


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