04 December, 2010

Worth the money?

Do you ever spend money on something and then wonder if it was really worth what you paid? If you're like most people, I'm sure this has happened to you!

When my friend got married in November, I went to a local nail salon and got a french manicure. I paid $17 to have it done. The night before, I decided to paint my toes so I wouldn't have to pay for that as well.

I had my nails done on Friday afternoon. By the end of the reception Saturday, I'd guess I had at least 4 chips. By Monday morning, my nails looked so horrible, I took all the polish off. So my $17 manicure lasted all of 2 days.

I took the picture below of my toes tonight. This is after absolutely zero touch ups. So my at-home pedicure has lasted 23 days so far! Now, I do realize that my finger nails get more use than my toe nails, but I still think that the difference is just crazy!

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  1. Laura and Heather took me out for a manicure last week and it too looked awful after a few days. Frustrating!
    You did great on the toes though!


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