04 May, 2011

Just Tell Me!

Have you ever walked by someone on the street and noticed something potentially embarrassing about that person, and thought "oh, I hope someone tells them that __________" (fill in the blank).  I know I have!  I've also been on the opposite end, and been told, "oh by the way, you have something in your teeth" after walking around like that for hours!  Yeah, it can be embarrassing to find out stuff like that, but I'd much rather be told than walk around not knowing.  Of course, it can be uncomfortable for the person who notices also, as they don't know how the other person will react.  For the record, set aside your embarrassment and let me know if:

-I have a huge chunk of spinach (or other food) stuck in my teeth.  I'd rather know before I smile at people and gross them out!

-I have the unsightly foundation line around my face.  I recently spent time with someone whose face didn't match the color of her jaw and neck; I chose not to say anything because of the situation we were in, but please tell me!

-I sit in something that looks quite disgusting from behind.  I'd prefer for people not to think I forgot where the bathroom is!

-I have a wad of toilet paper stuck to my shoe.  Not something I want to drag around all day.

-I have a hole in the seat of my pants.  Please tell me so I'm not flashing people all day!!!

-My fly is undone.  (See previous)

-My shirt is tucked into my underwear.  We see this waaayyyy to much on TV, does it even happen to people in real life?

-I continually call you by the wrong name.  You wouldn't want me to call you Matilda if you name's really Martha would you?

-My mascara/eyeshadow/lipstick is smeared all over.  Just tell me so I don't look like a clown!

Thankfully, I haven't had many of these happen to me, but I want to make sure that if they do, I have my bases covered!  Have you ever had something embarrassing happen that people did/didn't tell you about?  Care to share your story?  Or what are some things you'd like to add to my list?

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  1. I'll tell you if I see it!
    I don't have anything, but when I was young my Mom had a coat that had a decorative belt in the back. She wore it to church and a hanger had fallen down and hooked on it. She wore it into church with my Dad walking behind her down the middle aisle. He never noticed, and the lady sitting behind us had to tell her. She was embarrassed at first but teased him for years about it later!


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