12 April, 2011

My Bucket List

Have you ever watched the movie, The Bucket List?  It's an inspirational movie about two men who are dying and go on a journey to cross off item's on their "bucket lists".  

When I was in high school, my senior English teacher encouraged us all to make our own "bucket list".  I think we had to make a list about 20 long or so, but I really liked the idea and I came up with 100 things I'd like to do someday.  I used to have this list hanging in my bedroom and each time I completed something, I'd cross it off.  Who knows if I'll complete it all before I die...there are some things on there that have changed since I created the list and I no longer want to do.  I'm sure this list will go through many updates though my life, but it's fun to cross items off!  I've done a lot, but I still have much more to do!  Do you have a "bucket list"?

1.       Go skydiving
2.       Get married
3.       Have kids
4.       Adopt kids
5.       Visit all 7 continents
6.       Tour Europe
7.       Visit Mescalero (my birthplace)
8.       Perform for a large audience
9.       Go on a cruise
10.   Go scuba diving
11.   Take a dance class
12.   Fall in love
13.   Write a song
14.   Get a truck
15.   Open my own hotel/resort
16.   Swim in all the oceans
17.   Live in another country
18.   Go mountain climbing
19.   Be kissed on the top of a ferris wheel
20.   Shoot a gun
21.   Go hunting
22.   Parasail
23.   Design/decorate my own house
24.   Drive a Hummer
25.   Save a life
26.   Break my PR for discus and shot put
27.   Run 5 miles  (Accomplished June 10, 2011!!!)
28.   Work/advocate for a pro-life movement
29.   Ride a roller coaster with my hands in the air
30.   Go on a road trip
31.   Speak Spanish fluently
32.   Go backpacking
33.   Own my own business
34.   Meet the president
35.   Go surfboarding
36.   Learn how to knee board
37.   Publish a story
38.   Sell some of my photography
39.   Get a college degree
40.   Go to Las Vegas
41.   Sleep outside
42.   Be kissed
43.   Go to a major sporting event
44.   Get my belly button pierced
45.   Read the Bible all the way through
46.   Go to a movie on opening night
47.   Watch the sunset at the beach
48.   Live below my means
49.   Graduate high school
50.   Drive a motorcycle
51.   Go to a club
52.   Meet some one famous
53.   Play a real game of soccer
54.   Play on a softball team
55.   Stay out partying all night
56.   Cook a gourmet meal
57.   Spend time with all my aunts and uncles
58.   Hitch hike
59.   Go to Disney Land
60.   Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve
61.   Buy something from a famous designer
62.   Go fishing and actually clean the fish I catch
63.   Go skinny dipping
64.   Make a prank phone call
65.   Be kissed while watching fireworks
66.   Host a dinner party
67.   Plan a huge event
68.   Go to a circus
69.   Get laser eye surgery
70.   Go to a spa
71.   Stargaze
72.   Go to Hawaii
73.   Visit a Ripley’s Believe It or Not
74.   Visit Stonehenge
75.   Ride in a limo
76.   Touch a giraffe
77.   Swim with dolphins
78.   Ride in a helicopter
79.   Bike around Mackinaw Island
80.   Bench press my body weight
81.   Start a blog
82.   Learn how to play guitar
83.   Go to the top of the Empire State Building
84.   Go to Ground Zero
85.   Eat a whole slice of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory
86.   Live on my own
87.   Take a self-defense class
88.   Go on a trip with no destination in mind
89.   Watch a horror movie
90.   Go tenting in the middle of the woods
91.   Cook over an open fire
92.   Walk across the Mackinaw Bridge
93.   Ride a horse bareback
94.   Spend a night in a mansion
95.   Drive a Viper
96.   Choreograph a song
97.   Finish my photo wall
98.   Watch the Olympics in real life
99.   Live a day in the life of someone else
100. Ride in a hot air balloon


  1. Impressive that you came up with 100. I know we should all be able to easily come up with that many...but when you really think about it, it's hard to do! Kudos to your list! You're on your way to accomplishing them all!

  2. Great list! I've done some of the things on your list too.


  3. I'd say cross sky diving off. I hate heights and why tempt fate? The rest sounds reasonable. I lived in NJ and have been to the Empire State Building but only went up twice. Again I hate heights so I am not all that impressed. I can't wait to see how many more you get to cross off. Which one's have you deleted?


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