31 January, 2012

Family Christmases

Better late than never right?  I have one more Christmas post after today's and so I'm hoping you're not sick of Christmas yet. Only 11 months til Christmas 2012 :)

We started our Christmas Eve Celebration with Mike's immediate family.  His mom prepared a delicious lunch for us and we spent some time enjoying everyone's company before celebrating with gifts.  We were really blessed with some items we've really been wanting this year!

After a fun afternoon with Mike's family we packed up the car and headed out to Allendale.  First we went to church. Our church has a tradition of doing a "family Christmas" for our Christmas Eve service.  Whoever wants to can participate, whether sharing a song, poem, story, or Bible Verse.  Our church was decorated beautifully for Christmas!
After the church service we headed over to my parent's house for our family celebration.  This year was extra special because my Grandma (from Canada) was with us!

My parents have finally collected enough snowmen and Santas to line their stairs!  I love how it looks. 

I also love this table full of food.  Oh my!  Looking at all the deliciousness is making me hungry again!  We enjoyed spinach artichoke dip, homemade bread, bacon & mozzarella bread, a cheese/meat/cracker tray, cheeseburger pizza wedges, and some sweet treats.  I love our appetizer tradition!
Mom sent Mike and I on a treasure hunt for one of our gifts--a storage cube/foot rest.  We've wanted one for a while.  Mike thought it made a good pillow :)
My Dad's mom made the cross-stitched pillowcase he's holding.  She passed away a few years ago so memories of her are very precious!  My mom surprised my dad by framing the pillowcase for him.  Isn't it beautiful?

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  1. Looks like a full and fun day! Spending time with family is the best!


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